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Storybooth is a collaboration between a collective of artists and illustrators and members of the public at the Parlour Showrooms. I worked with artists Emma Powell, Micheal Powell, Philippa Thomas, Gill Chandler, Debbie Hard, and Jonny Farr. Participants were invited to donate their dreams so that they could be interpreted and bought to life by one of the artists and hung in a installation with other people’s dreams.

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  • Day 4

    Our final day! What a wonderful and inspiring installation/residency this has been. More pics of the space to come soon, but for now here are the dreams of the day:

  • Day 3

    Another rather wonderful day of illustrating dreams. Quite sad that we only have a few more hours left (*wish I could do this everyday!). Illustrators in the booth toady were Philippa Thomas, Debbie Hard, Gill Chantler, and Becca Rose.

  • Day 2

    Today went so quickly! Thanks to everyone who came and took part. Our illustrations are getting more adventurous -see if you can spot yours!

  • Day 1

    In the booth today we had Mike Powell, Philippa Thomas, Debbie Hard, Emma Powell and Becca Rose many dreamy forms were filled and many imaginary illustrations happened:

  • We are open!

    The booth is open today and we are ready for an illustrate-a-thon. Let’s see how the dream-cloud grows…See you there!

  • Archive

    The Storybooth project has moved on LOADS recently. We now have an amazing team of artists on board, working in many disciplines (including performance, music, set design, puppetry, clowning, model-making, painting, installation etc. etc.)…all of us love experimenting, making drawings, and we are all interested in making socially engaged work. Artists collaborating on the project…

  • Prototype

    Prototype at The Tobacco Factory Theatre is platform to experiment with ideas in performance. We created a mini-storybooth at their last event. It is quite exposing to show a work-in-progress, and initially I found the process rather revealing, and difficult to digest. Especially because the idea is raw, and still in developing stages. However, the feedback…

  • Parlour Showrooms

    The Storybooth installation has just been confirmed by the lovely curators at the Parlour Showrooms for the weekend of the 18th May. How exciting! The show will be an experimental installation, where illustration is made collaboratively; both between artists, and collaboratively with members of the community who choose to be involved. We will build the…

  • Participatory illustration

    I’ve been reading Claire Bishop’s essay on participation in art, and found a part that resonates: (context: Bishop is listing certain continuities in the agenda for participatory art since the 1950s, these are the second and third points, Participation, page 12, MIT Press) “The gesture of ceding some or all authorial control is conventionally regarded…

  • Storybooth

    The idea for an illustration event is emerging. It a space where illustration becomes a collective process, and a way of making and documenting stories from many into one, where the process of illustration is public, it is shared. Illustrators create dreams, visualise ideas, make worlds, and I want to create a space where the…