Participatory illustration

I’ve been reading Claire Bishop’s essay on participation in art, and found a part that resonates:

(context: Bishop is listing certain continuities in the agenda for participatory art since the 1950s, these are the second and third points, Participation, page 12, MIT Press)

“The gesture of ceding some or all authorial control is conventionally regarded as more egalitarian and democratic than the creation of work by a single artists, while shared production is also seen to entail the aesthetic benefits of greater risk and unpredictability. Collaborative creativity is therefore understood both to emerge from and to produce a more positive and non-hierarchical social model. The third issue involved a perceived crisis in community and collective responsibility [through the alienating and isolating effects of capitalism]….One of the main impetus behind participatory art has therefore been a restoration of the social bond through a COLLECTIVE ELABORATION OF MEANING”

Recently, I’ve been thinking about ways of writing and illustrating stories collectively. How can we illustrate stories in a participatory way?