tft prototype

Prototype at The Tobacco Factory Theatre is platform to experiment with ideas in performance. We created a mini-storybooth at their last event. It is quite exposing to show a work-in-progress, and initially I found the process rather revealing, and difficult to digest. Especially because the idea is raw, and still in developing stages.

However, the feedback we received has informed the development of the project, and it was so, so, so important to try the idea out, even though we knew it was far from a polished/finished piece.

The most useful feedback related to the way we exhibit the images. And, as a group we have since had many conversations about ARCHIVE, and are exploring ways of doing this in a more meaningful way.

The other useful notes were about how we engage with people. A couple of the audience members were particularly sensitive to giving, and felt that they gave us more than they got back. I was not expecting this response of the text-to-illustation-exchange, but it is something else to think about.