Parlour Showrooms

Parlour showroom Bristol

The Storybooth installation has just been confirmed by the lovely curators at the Parlour Showrooms for the weekend of the 18th May. How exciting! The show will be an experimental installation, where illustration is made collaboratively; both between artists, and collaboratively with members of the community who choose to be involved. We will build the work we make in the space over the course of the 4 days, and then produce a book that documents a collective story.

Even in its most traditional form, an illustration encourages participation, and informs our understanding of the world around us. When we read an illustrated book to a child, for example, we relate the image we see to the world around us. “Look the bear in the picture is wearing red trousers, just like Grandpa’s red trousers”…. “the duck has fluffy feathers, just like this fluffy pillow”. It informs, connects, leaps out of the page, becomes part of our everyday.

It is the moment between the page and the reality that I am interested in exploring; the moment you are interacting with the image you see, the moment you are relating it the world around you, the moment where reality and the make believe world is blurred.

This is why I want to create a space for you to get involved, for us to create a story together. An exchange. In this installation I want to open up this world, and literally step inside, create a space where ideas and inspiration for stories, become images and stories, and these inspire more ideas and which become images.