What’s in a knot?

Oh me oh my….I’m still knotting things! So, ok its not the worst thing to be doing (and clearly I am really enjoying the process).

This time I wanted to explore the space that effects knotting. Dave and I had some conversations about this when knotting molecules, and I thought I should make some experiments to try out different spaces. This has parallels to the time-based knots, however differs in that I am not exploring what emerges from process, I am exploring what emerges from the material space.


To explore “space” I used zip-bags as spaces in which 23 strands could knot. I wanted to gather a range of “spaces” and so used: Air, water, resin, silicone, cake, angel delight, poppy seeds, and jelly.

These were then “worn” to simulate some kind of movement process. I made a bag to store the knot-space-bags in.

The bag actually worked much better as a jacket, so we took it in turns to wear the knots about.

The jelly bag in a pocket.

Getting bus to Peckham.

Making tea in the kitchen.

The knots that emerged after a two weeks are below (two weeks was about the right amount of time, before the angel delight grew mold. hmmmm. yum!). I prodded them and filmed it. (I made two films in the end)