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I designed a series of workshops designed to explore electromagnetic fields (EMFs)s through embroidery and craft techniques. In the sessions participants are invited to hand craft coils with copper tape or thread. EMFs can be used as transmitters or receivers of information (such as speakers or antennas), and the samplers participants made function technically as speakers as well as being beautifully crafted pieces

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  • Make Shift Do workshop

    I first went to Derby Silk Mill Museum this summer when working as an Online Mentor for the Maked Ed community -see video I made about the visit here. The museum invited me back to run an e-textiles workshop, which was part of the Crafts Council Make Shift Do programme. I ran a “Crafting Frequencies”…

  • Pewter Speaker

    Pewter is an alloy with a very low melting point, which means that it is easier to use for casting than other metals (i.e. bronze or silver). It has also been used for casting vases and pots and things since antiquity. This week we cast using molds carved out of cuttlefish bone (yes, I said…

  • Mark making

    I printed the cards and the components. It was a pit of an exploration into a poetic-material aspect of the embedded electronics. Chip and pin and the RFID chip. Pink card. All the layers of the modern credit card: metalic swipe, copper antenna, RFID tag, PVC, chip pads, embossed characters. My favorite print.

  • Workshop conversations

    The crafted frequencies workshop did not plan out how I had anticipated. I was expecting that we would have more time/space to discuss embedded electronics, as well as the hands-on making. However when I arrived at the venue, the space for the workshop was in a huge hall full of activity (children running, talks, presentations,…

  • Crafting Frequencies workshop

    I explored paper speaker making in a workshop. The event was part of an arts and technology festival in Bristol. Participants were invited to make a speaker out of paper, copper and a magnet. Through the workshop I hoped to explore ideas surrounding the materiality of electronic devices and people’s responses to the material. I…

  • Functional Fields

    Soft speakers -idea for a workshop to explore electronics as material. Examples by Kobakant. < img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-304" src="" alt="7687438148_4a13d8afd4_b" width="660" height="495" />

  • Electronics as material

    1. Karl Klomp 2. Peter Vogel 3. Jie Qi 4. Kobakant 5. Becky Stern

  • Un-concealing some embedded electronics

    I have been deconstructing some of the objects that I use regularly to see what the electronic systems are like inside. Below I have documented what the system looks like, and how the materials are embedded. The green lines in the diagram illustrates where the traces live in the object. TRAVEL CARD: Travel cards were…