Workshop conversations

The crafted frequencies workshop did not plan out how I had anticipated. I was expecting that we would have more time/space to discuss embedded electronics, as well as the hands-on making. However when I arrived at the venue, the space for the workshop was in a huge hall full of activity (children running, talks, presentations, a cardboard city in creation etc.). There was too much noise and background stuff for us to engage in a group discussion.

Although, during the process of making speakers a lot of ideas/connections were bought up by the participants. And there was a lot of informal chat between people. Here are the kinds of things:

south africa



Giant amps dug into the ground that look like prehistoric land monuments


Resonant earth.


Symbolism and pattern in culture.


Participants discussed their experience of learning about frequency / circuits in school, and there was an agreement from the table that school was not hands on in science or technical subjects.