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E-textile swatch exchange is an ongoing knowledge exchange project coordinated by Hannah Perner Wilson for the e-textile Summer Camp. Participants exchange swatches of their work in order to share etextiles knowledge. Swatches are distributed and archived into a swatchbook -each year the swatchbooks are made up of all 25 participants’ swatches.

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  • 2017 Swatches

    The swatches I made this year use conductive yarns to create pressure sensors around threadbare garments. The sensors can be connected to an Arduino or Pure Data circuit (see below, add pull-up/down resistors from the input if needed), and the feedback used to create musical or dance scores that are based on the worn areas.…

  • e-stitches Bristol

    Annie Lywood (e-textile maker extraordinaire) has started a Bristol based e-stitches group (based on the London group of the same name. We meet every few weeks to make anything related to e-textiles or soft-circuits. Get involved here. Some pics from our first meet up: