Watershed Flea to the Circus Workshop

I worked on Flea to the Circus, which was the Watershed’s summer programme for 4-12 year olds. The theme was insect-circus. The kids participated in a week-long programme of workshops (there were circus skills, musical soundscapes, puppets, and theatre skills). At the end of the week they performed their new-found skills to parents and friends, before a screening of the film A Bug’s Life. This all happened in the temporarily permanent big-top circus by Temple Meads station. How awesome is that? I wish they had this kind of stuff going on when I was 7!

In our workshop we made a mini-circus and insect puppets from card board boxes and sparkly bits. Then we used a webcam to make a “live animation”, and performed this on a huge screen in the big top. You can see the “live animation” projection of Sammy-the-snail-cannon-ball below.