Stitching Circuits

Another tricky part of the process was connecting to the pins -i.e. making a breakout board for conductive thread. After a skype “consultation” with Seb and Hannah, who both work on a really exciting glove project and are experts in e-textiles, I decided to solder wires to the live pins, and then padded them with felt to stop any breaks or shorting. I then made loops on the wires to connect the conductive thread to (inspired by the wire-loop/thread in this example).

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To connect the hardware with the book I used conductive thread. I chose to buy it from kitronic in the end, as it has a relatively low resistance, it does not unravel easily and a good price!

First I stitched it to felt.

Look at the messy back! I hid some of the wires under the felt.

Then, I stitched both the circuits and the felt to the book, and connected to the conductive threads I had already sewn into the spine (see post on binding).

A diagram of the connections (above) and the finished stitching (below).