Squishy stuff

This week we’ve been starting to put together our research project proposals. I am thinking of doing something to do with squishy things.


I have some initial questions:
What are squishy things?
Do squishy things help kids learn?
What kind of processes are needed to use squishy things in science and technology classes?

I’ve been very inspired by Jane Rendell’s paper on prepositions. And recently read “Ontological Design” paper by Anne-Marie Willis, which I feel connects to the ideas surrounding the angelic properties of object that Rendell writes about. Willis draws from Heidegger’s concept of thinging and writes:
“thinging itself also things in that it makes an attunement towards how things thing; to grasp thinging”
(Willis, A.-M. (2006). Ontological design – laying the ground. Design Philosophy Papers, Collection 3, 80-98)

I’m still trying to undertsand what this means, but I wonder if:
“squishing itself also squishes in that it makes an attunement towards how squish squishes; to grasp squishing”

Something to think about.