Shadowy pages

I’m still barking up the shadowy-animated-book tree. Here are some recent experiments, which I am developing when I get the chance. The idea is to create a handheld animated shadow puppet theatre. I’d been experimenting with pop-up mechanisms, and recently tried this animation technique.

Below is an animated gif of the page in action. Sorry about the terrible quality of this gif -I wanted to get the hands and birds in so had to compromise a little bit.

This would be a page in the book -where you animate the lights through touching the paper.

Here is what it looks like on the back. The circuit is a very simple parallel, but the ground is made into a switch which folds over to complete the circuit when pressure is applied. If you like this you should also check out Jie Qi’s work -she makes wonderful paper circuits, and is very inspiring -the circuit idea for this is in one of her books.

you see–> pressure applied to the fold = blue!

This was my first attempt (sans le birds). I love how responsive it is -with no microcontrolling!