San Francisco Center for the Book

We held our second e-luminated book workshop at the SFCB this weekend. It was a really lovely and creative group -they experimented with light and switches and made some really beautiful tunnel books in a very short time.

We’ll be teaching the same class again in the new year, and will also be teaching a more advanced class –E-luminated Books II: Switch, Sense, Choreograph– which focuses on control (using ATtiny microcontrollers), animation, and interactivity.

Here are a few of the wonderful books made:

Nif embedded her screen prints and made curved circuitry with finely cut copper tape.

Kate had the most AMAZING Japanese hole puncher. And created atmospheric scenes, with light, shadow, and recycled papers

Felicia cut beautifully intricate layers to make very delicate books.

Jessi was experimenting with all kinds of materials, including prismatic plastics and moving parts -it was very inspiring!

And Liza created this wonderful animated meteor shower.