Research prezo

We presented our research to our groups the other day, and I had to make some rapid decisions in order to focus my project. My feedback was that it was a huge topic, and using the term “squishy” has kind of become a term that describes the solution, rather than the question.

General feedback:
What is your research question?
Are you interested in curriculum, HCI, politics of curriculum, interaction?
Is squishy getting in the way?
What are you trying to find out in the school?


Re-focusing has been good, and I have gone back over the project to pull out the key points. To do this I made a list of keywords associated with the project. I also made some “post it notes” (they weren’t actually on post it notes, hence the inverted commas) that defined the key things I was interested in finding out. I then discarded a heap of these, so that only the keywords and “post it notes” that were central to the project remained. The key things that I am looking at into my design for CS learning project is: critical learning, learning (as opposed to being told), relational learning, environmental learning (i.e. local, in the space, from the space), and learning from or of the students. These reflect a lot of the research from radical pedagogies, but also bring in some ideas from situated learning.