Gongoozler is a collective of artists making physical and visual theatre for children. We made site-inspired, interactive performances, that often involved participation from the audience from 2010 to 2013. We made work through shadows, puppetry, music, and poetry we told a medley of histories, myths and fables.


Pete is on a journey. One where hankies fall wildly in love with jellyfish, where houses are made from turtle bones, and sailors still sing sweet songs of times before. The Story of Pete is a puppetry and storytelling performance, using projection, shadows, puppetry, live soundscapes, and audience participation.

The show was developed with Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment, and performed at The Parlour Showrooms (before it was the Parlour Showrooms).

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Through the Nostrils was a collaboration with Punk-Folk duo Dogface Scokets, In the Milkwood, and The Undergrowth community choir. It was a gig, a performance, a theatre piece, a film, an animation, and all these things rolled into one made at the Cube microplex, Stokes Croft.

“Come inside the headspace of those who remember childhood as a morphous, magical smoke plume of scurrying down stony hillsides, and delving into the underbelly of gnarly tree-fingers. Puppeteers Gongoozler, punk-folk snouters Dogface Sockets, the Kebele Choir and eerie ethereals In the Milkwood bring you a treat -the like of which you haven’t tasted since you nibbled from that bag of strange eyeball candy inside the hovel of a crooked old lady when you were seven years old.



Hix Factor was performed at the Harbourside Festival, the Wardrobe Theatre, and the Tobacco Factory. It is an interactive performance piece, where we invite you to join our “Hix Factor” show and create a puppet with a special talent: climbing trees, making crap art into good art, turning back time, or even playing tag. It is a fun, playful and interactive performance piece, using film projection, puppets and vegetables. The kind of show where anything could happen…

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