Flatjams are game-jams with a crafty twist. We use craft materials such as felt-tip pens, pom-poms, glue and all sorts of sparkly things to make sprites and game worlds. Narrative and characters are based on personal stories, and often poetic or more like an interactive digital comic book or zine than a traditional platform game. The first annual flatgame jam was held online at itch.io in 2016 by Llaura Dreamfeel.

More about flatgames here: https://pixelsxpaper.itch.io/zine

We have run two flatjams IRL: one at the Watershed in Bristol and another in Oakland, California hosted by the Wonderful Ideas Company.

Screenshot from “Apropolis”

Screenshot from “Je sui un ananas”

Behind the scenes from “I’m yearning for a train journey”

some serious crafting materials

cookies and tea are essential

the flatjam in Oakland

Flatjam in Bristol

more tea?

making a mess means making