Process of process

The reflective portfolio is the process of making a tool kit that I will use to help make research in the field of Design Education. The tool kit contains methods and processes for research and practice, and without this reflective making process (i.e. making a reflective portfolio), the the kit is without context or direction.

Learning about methods and processes for research has been a transformative experience. I have reached the end of the course with an understanding of what the methods and processes are, and also, arguably more importantly, I have gained an understating of why we are reviewing, and why we are evaluating the way we go about our practices or research.

Many of the methods in this kit are borrowed or adapted, and I am publishing this kit publicly to make an effort to re-share this information, and make it available beyond the confines of the university institution I am working within.

This kit is not static, it is a changing and evolving process, and as I learn more about my research practice I will adapt accordingly.