Oedipus in Boots

I made film for Oedipus in Boots, the Wardrobe Theatre’s “new mother loving panto”. I would’ve liked to have been more involved, but alas, time would not permit, so I designed the opening credits. It was a short sequence that follows Oedipus the cat’s journey along the river whilst (James Bond style) crediting the actors. Oedipus starts at the palace, where he is thrown out the window by Laius and Jocasta, and he ends up at the Millers house passing many floating children’s limbs, and the cut-out-black-card-letters: Andrew Kingston, Harry Humberstone and James Kent. It was made on the OHP and filmed with help from the show’s director Chris Collier and creative producer Matt Whittle. It was then projected on stage -onto one of those bathroom screens that you buy from Ikea. The aesthetic was “good-shit” which basically means it looks crap, but in a good way.

It was a blooming brilliant show. The set looked fab (made by the talented Harriet de Winton), and there was some awesome puppetry and Scottish accents. The dark twisted bitter take on the (also dark twisted bitter) myth was (surprisingly) hilarious. I laughed and laughed and then winced, and then laughed a little bit more. Until the end when I felt guilty for my souless-western-consumer-santa-hugging-christmas-loving-existence. The best panto I’ve ever seen.