Nexmap book hack

I recently had the absolute pleasure of taking part in a daylong book-hack (a boohackathon?). It was hosted by Nexmap, a San Francisco based arts-tech company who are currently developing a series of hackable journals for schools. I spent the day discussing and making books with an group of creatives, including friend and collaborator Natalie Freed, Jennifer Dick from Nexmap, David Cole from CV2; and pop-up book artist Susan Lowdermilk, who makes books, prints and zoetropes.

Susan bought a sample of artist books for inspiration, and also wowed us with her own marvelous and very beautiful creations. Then she showed us a simple way to make a book with out any binding. Susan will also be developing the next in the series of journals for the Nexmap project, I am excited to see what she makes!

Nexmap have great Google community called “21st Century notebooks” if you are reading this, you should join!