Making ideas
Rapid prototyping -simple making process to convey ideas. The making process becomes language, it is a way to communicate and idea, but also a way to develop an idea between participants or designers. It is a conversation. “Dream it yourself” is a making research project for with high school students in Boston. Through making and materiel manipulation students develop ideas and imaginary worlds geared around art and science. Students are guided in the process. Download the process PDF

Making stories
The methods and process workshop inspired storytelling through making: “the aim of the workshop is to use ‘modeling and prototyping’ not as a way of testing ideas but as a tool to generate them”. Manipulating materials in this sense is not necessarily about making to communicate, but using the material as language, or way of thinking.

Critical making
Making and hacking and maker and hacker spaces, have social and philosophical connections to anti-consumer culture. However, the “maker movement”, and making in education has strong ties with industry (Intel, Maker Media etc.), and in some ways the business and consumer aspect counteract the grassroots philosophy of hacking. Critical Making is a series of zines by Garnet Heartz (2012) that document critical reflection on the growth of maker culture.