Knitted book cover

To make the knitted book cover I had the the help of the Farnborough knit and natter group, and the Nepalese craft group. Both groups worked together to make loads of triangles, which I then stitched together.

English and Nepalese casting on techniques are quite different, and the two groups learned from each other.

I laid the triangles out in ordered rows according to size. We made all of these (above) in one session. I didn’t think we were going to have enough to cover the book, until a library staff member delivered this package (below) -a carrier bag full of neatly knitted triangles from the nepalese craft group. Amazing!

And finally, I stitched “C R A F T” to the cover. I used conductive thread to make the¬†crouching stitch, which¬†formed the shape of each letter. Each letter was then connected to a trigger pin. I also stitched “connects” to a triangle which is connected to the ground pin (see my diagram to look at how this related to the other circuits). When the “connects” triangle connects with any of the C R A F T letters, it triggers an mp3.