Hertzian Something

Last week I joined the MA Design program at Goldsmiths and this is a journal of the things that we* think over the next year whilst participating in the course. I hope we do good things.

*we = (the writers + the tutors + the other students + the process of making) + me

Design Noir was a the recommended text to read prior to starting MA Design at Goldsmiths. Despite my initial question on how equitable it is to recommend an out-of-print-text that retails at £162.50 as the only recommended reading for the course; I did really love exploring the ideas presented in the text. And after finding a copy in the library I gobbled the whole thing up on a bus ride back to Bristol last week.

I would say that the book is organized into 3 parts.

The first addresses a domain called the hertzian space, and gives examples of how humans interact into this space (i.e. with protective underwear from LessEMF*).

The second part of the book discusses design as ideology, and introduces the idea of Design Noir -the darker side of human centered design.

And the final part is the project.

*interesting aside is that Less EMF is where I buy conductive fabrics for making wearable electronic devices. The EMF shielding company have made a market out of selling their protective fabrics as conductive fabric, and play a part in creating EMFs on the body in the process.