Glove is in the Air

Glove is in the Air…All you need is Glove…What’s Glove got to do with it?…Make Glove, not war… OK, OK, I’ll stop (but I could ride this pun wave for days I tell you). This week we (myself and some creative friends) made stuff with odd gloves. It was simple. It was amazing.

People arrived at 6pm, and got stuck-in to a pile of odd gloves I’d been collecting for 3 years (with the view of making a glove-dress, but that never happened). I laid out a few books for inspiration, namely Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori, but most people felt inspired to create something from the “inner glove” (that which the glove was crying out to be). We then wolfed down a shared dinner, and promptly got back to making. During our glove making, we spanned the spectrum of craft-conversations. There were political debates, giggles and ridiculousness, and intensely focused silences. At midnight I had to wrench needles from peoples hands, stuff buttons in craft-doggy-bags, and put a stop to the craftphoria that was happening in my living room. It was a school night after all.