Evaluating and Engagement

Process of research
(non-liner, can be cyclic, also can be very messy!)
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Reflective context
“Reflective practice…is a framework that encourages reflection in different ways. Retrospective reflection – ‘reflection-on-action’ – is a critical research skill and part of the generic research processes of review, evaluation and analysis. ‘Reflection-in-action’ is a particular activity of professional practitioners and involves thinking about what we are doing and reshaping action while we are doing it. In this sense it is improvisational and relies on feeling, response and adjustment.”
(Gray & Malins, 2004, pp. 22-23)


Analysing data using metaphors of a filter, a lens, and a sieve.
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Understanding the shifts in the quality and essence of data according to the perspective, i.e., recordings (which of course come from the perspective of those holing the recording device or editing the recording), theoretical frameworks, literature, research questions, background and cultural framework, participants.
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