Trying out a thing.

I am (and have been in a large part of this MA) led by ideas surrounding embodied learning, and learning through the senses. Donna Harraway argues that science and technology should have an “embodied nature of all vision, and so reclaim the sensory system that has been used to signify a leap out of the marked body and into a conquering gaze from nowhere”.

I am on the stuck side with my squishy project and wanted to make something quick that could help un-stick things. I decided to make something to “see” the environment through the senses, but through a computers sensors, just to see what would happen.


This is a wearable that I used to measure pressure and stroking (bit it could also measure other things, as it is essentially a voltage meter). I was curious about how some things would feel when sensed through the computers sensors. And tried it with some organic things in my local neighborhood. In this case it doesn’t really feel like anything (the only feedback I had was numbers, and they are not very sensual). I wasn’t expecting that it would do much, but I am going to do some more making and sensing with organic things next week and see what happens.