Creative Coding MOOC

This week I started the Future Learn Creative Coding MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I had attempted to do the course last year, but gave up after the first week as it assumed a lot of knowledge, and I found it frustrating to learn on my own.

This time I am participating with the support and the combined force of a face to face group (we are meeting up every Wednesday to go though some of the course).

The group in action, and some of our snacks: a bit like google have their perks…we have biscuits and bananas.

I still have a lot of issues with the way that the course has been structured, there is A LOT of assumed knowledge for beginners, and they skim through code very quickly. BUT, working in a group has been fun so far. I have learned things from the group like “moop the loop” which is Phill Tew’s jargon for doing code stuff in the console. And we discussed the relationship between a David Attenborough video about Bowerbirds and authorship in generated art. These things, as well as tea and biscuits made the night go beyond anything I could have done on my tod.