Coyote Peep Show

Oh look. I made a peep show.

It is a coyote peep show where shadows of wolves howl at shadows of wolves with boobs.

peep through the eye of the eye

This is another prototype for my final project for the bookbinding class I am taking. And I am terribly excited, because from this I have a very good idea about what my final design will be like!

and here is the circuit I used. Above is the front and below is the back.

I did a bit of a bodge on the spacing, so decided to take the circuit on a little trip around the back, so that I had the opportunity to space it out a bit more (note to future self: finger spaced tracks).

and then above is my slider switch with a card spacer.

e x t r e m e   c l o s e u p !

and a blog post would not be complete without a good old naughties style -gif- which illustrated how you can effect the show. yay for slider switches and parallel circuits and gifs.