Coin things


My initial idea for the “Design Education for Sustainable Futures” workshop:

Macro(bigger picture):
How does capitalism relate to sustainability? Exploring private ownership and profit based economies / profit before people and land.

Meso (subject area):
Are there alternatives?

“Someone once said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.”
(Jameson, 2003)

Micro (specific activity):
Workshop designing / making a coin as platform for discussion. Making connections between material (or non-materiel) manifestations of capital and value.


Feedback / notes from charrette (from the other members of the group):

Self Organizing system
Create a toolkit -a curriculum, a guide for other to have these workshops elsewhere
Style of pedagogy -workshops and working in groups not a top-down structure links back to the idea of moving away from capitalism.
Problem -everything for profit not for people.
Like nature -everything top down, led be a few.
Simple, currency at goldsmiths.
How a symbol for the ideas.
Top down structure vs community.
Vance Packard -not confused consumed goods with goods of life.
Look at different business models already existing in Goldsmiths.
How would you exchange the coins – – – > look into Korean traditional markets.
Are new currencies aiming to be exclusive? Who trades? Who can be part of this community?
Love the connection between casting and currency, between making and value.
How do we change – get out – find an alternative of the system whilst we are in the system?
Could you tie in your interest in storytelling to make the project less abstract?
What is the message behind this?
Small is beautiful.
Chip and pins -new forms of money, new kind of capitalism?