Blue Puppet Peter

Wozzers! I don’t think I can actually begin to describe how much fun I had at the Smoking Puppet Cabaret on Friday. Here is a pic of the (very blue) blue peter gang, Joseph, Chris, Cori and myself (like the pros we be, we hosted the evening in our usual slick, stylish, and seamless way)

The words jumping around the front of my brain right now are explosive-sausage-bug-shadow-egg-baby-puppet-peter’s-willy-magic. Will that do? I think we are going to have to do this again.

The order of things went something like:

Pickled Image’s Granddad

Thumb and Finger’s Hand Shadows

Little Ray and Joseph Wallace with a musical date

Wattle and Daub and their acid-jazzy-trippy Oldest Man in the World

and finally Blue Peter style Improv-Shadow-Puppet-Extravaganza (the audience make puppets that are used in an improv performance, with musical accompaniment from Kid Carpet)

Adam Fuller is an incredible storyteller -Granddad needs to star in an adult show (it seems that grown-ups love stories too!)

Focus and concentration for the Wattles!

Joe brings Rachel-McNally-Octo-PuppetĀ to life! Octo was made by one of our many creative audience members -blue peter badges all round!!