BeccaRose Font!

OMG. I made a font. Yes it is my hand writing ON YOUR SCREEN! who would have thunk it? From paper to digital screen and (if you print it out) back to paper again. I did have loads of cool names for my font (not just my name) but, because the making process is a bit fiddly, by the time I got the font how I wanted it I had used up all the cool names! I used a program called Paint Font, and made numerous wonky efforts before I got to this one.

If you like it you can download it here. It works best at at least 22pt. I am making a paper cut font also, so watch this space.

Here are some of the less successful versions I made (notice how they are wonky or came out a bit close together or just wired)

I would strongly encourage you to try making your own font -it is a lot of fun to use and you can share it with your friends!