The Lamentable Tragedy

a shadow puppetry grinder in a site responsive performance

The Wonder Club1

The Lamentable Tragedy is a large scale site responsive promenade performance based on historical findings local to Stokes Croft, Bristol made by The Wonder Club.

Based in an old disused Motor Cycle Showroom, the resulting 12 performances allowed audiences of over 1800 to take part in a piece of non traditional theatre and for over 112 artists, performers and volunteers local to Stokes Croft to collaborate. I created a shadow puppet card based on a Victorian organ grinder.

“We welcome you to Stokes Croft, 1836.
(We love you.)
We welcome you to the St James Fair.
(We lied.)

Come and play.
Wander freely.
Make your own stories.

Be part of your history.”

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Performers in the Plastic Garden of Dreams by Emma Caton


Before we started building in the Motor Cycle Showrooms, it was being used to store pianos. There were many pianos. Pianos in the halls, street, bar, theatre, even in the puppets.

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Jamie Gillman with his dancing bear made from piano keys.


The stage within a stage by Philippa Thomas also utilizing the pianos!

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