High School design based studio sessions at geared around interactive wearables

NuVu is an innovation school based in Boston. The school does not have any subjects, instead learning is made through the design process, with topics and studios. For example a trimester is spent looking at transportation and within that topic, studios will be in creative writing, fashion, music, and robotics.

I work at the school as a coach, which means that I facilitate studio sessions in design and technology with students. I run studios geared around interactive wearables. During the 2 week studio sessions students work in groups and learn though the design process. There are no “subjects” or “classes” it is all project based learning.

The sessions in October 2015 were based around the theme of “Interactive Bus”. We rode the local bus route (Boston #1) and prototypes ideas that could make the bus a more playful / pleasant space to be. Students made: a massage glove for commuter, a storytelling neck rest, and a game that generates poetry from locations on the route.