E-luminated Books

Workshop series on embedding sensors and switches into books at San Francisco Center of the Book

E-Luminated books is a 2-part workshop developed with collaborator Natalie Freed. In the sessions participants add light and choreograph interactivity in books. We ran the workshops monthly at San Fransisco Center for the Book.

Part 1: Intro

A workshop in lighting books with LEDs – experiments with light and switches and made some really beautiful tunnel books in a very short time. Here are some pictures of the amazing creations participants made.

Part 2: Interactivity

Part 2 of the e-luminated books workshop was focused on interactivity -embedding sensors and switches into books, as wells as designing programs for the Attiny85.

Kit and switches
I also designed kits for each workshop, and series of paper switches for part 2. I used the Silhouette to pre-cut paper samples that students could use in the workshop to learn about some of the possibilities.